FAQ – Frequently Asked Question


Cost of delivery in the whole of Italy is €6.50
Delivery in Italy is free for orders of, or in excess of, €55.00

Your order will be passed to a courier within 2 working days of payment being received. When your order is ready for delivery the courier will send the recipient a message advising of the planned delivery date.
It will be possible for customers to follow their delivery using an on-line tracking system accessible by a link provided with the e-mail confirming delivery.

You can specify the delivery address during ordering. Please verify that the delivery address is correct and complete.


The methods of payment accepted by our ecommerce are:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal

In the case of bank transfer the order will be despatched only when the funds have been credited to the DAVIT bank account.


It is essential to store your chocolate at a temperature between 12° and 20°C in order to slow a change in colour to white/grey ( the so-called surfacing of fat that occurs naturally in chocolate).
It is important to avoid changes in temperature, which could cause sugar to appear on the surface. Chocolate stored in cold or humid conditions may be subject to condensation also resulting in the appearance of sugar on the surface.
Never store chocolate in close proximity to strong odours as chocolate has the tendency to absorb strong smells.
Chocolate should, therefore, not be stored in a fridge but instead in its packaging in a cool, dry place.

Any other questions?

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